Andy Trussler

Andy Trussler (they/them) is an
Edmonton journalist & writer.

They have a passion for prairie-based true crime, profile features, & LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Who am I?

I am an Edmonton-based journalist, writer, and editor by trade. As a veteran theatre teacher and coordinator, I define flexibility and presence. I am a diverse, flexible, and personable writer with a thirst for challenge.

My work is varied and diverse. I sat down with Edmonton’s infamous street preacher Dale Kornel and put together my feature “Black Sheep, meet Black Sheep.” I have put together a number of opinion pieces in both Saskatchewan and Alberta. Most recently, my short personal essay “Chlorine Head” was featured in GRAIN Magazine’s 2020 Queer Issue.

I want to tell bold stories with bold people, and share the
voices otherwise unheard.

What do I do?



Regional Director

Social Justice Advocate





Career Experience

Op-Ed Editor at the Carillon
(2016 – 2018)

For two years, I worked as the Carillon’s full-time Op-Ed Editor. This positions required I produce two independent and original opinion pieces per week, as well as editing between five and seven opinion pieces from the student body. Each piece would be between 500-800 words and require appropriate photography and rigorous editing. In this position, I was invited to speak with U of R President Vianne Timmons to better improve the life of LGBTQ+ students.

Peer Writing Tutor
(2020 – Present)
As a peer writing tutor via MacEwan, I must navigate a number of tasks. Primarily, my job is to read, edit, and revise student papers based on their concerns. These revisions never do the work for the student, but instead, guide the student toward writing independence. I also aid students in a drop-in/scheduled appointment setting, wherein students from all disciplines can ask me impromptu questions about grammar, essay structure, and literary criticism.

Saskatchewan’s Regional Director with the Canadian Improv Games
(2016 – 2018)

My position as Regional Manager was diverse. I specifically organized the Saskatchewan Regional Canadian Improv Games. CIG is a high school theatre tournament that involves schools province-wide. The events, two weeks in duration, require meticulous planning, employee organization, and theatre collaboration. I worked specifically with children ages 13-18, and provided individual workshops with teams to improve vital theatre and presentation skills. In my second year, I worked collaboratively with Cameron Chomyn. I left my role when moving to Alberta, and value everything I learned from such a wonderful and unique experience.