Below is a collection of my diverse works across the years.

These pieces range from my opinion pieces with the University of Regina’s Carillon, to hard news articles, to personally investigated feature profiles, and other passion projects.

My Carillon farewell staff photo. (Jaecy Bells)
Op-eds with the Carillon

I was lucky enough to serve as the Carillon’s Op-Ed editor for two wonderful years. The University of Regina paper is student organized, edited, and written.

My position as Op-Ed editor required two opinion pieces per week, and all of that work is catalogued here.

The link provided will direct you to every
story I published with them.

Kornel preaching to 104 St NW. (Andy Trussler)
Black sheep, meet black sheep

“The only sound louder than the roar of
downtown traffic is a preacher. His sermon, passionate and improvised, roars over buses and conversation.

MacEwan students purposefully take more
inconvenient routes to avoid him.

This man is an Edmonton staple. There are few residents that don’t know him either by face or rumour.

His name is Dale Kornel.”

This feature was written under the instruction of Jana Pruden, Globe and Mail Columnist and Feature Writer.

This photo, among the others in the project, were taken and edited by Miles Knauer.
Red Flag Project

This photo series was done in partnership with MAVEN (MacEwan University Anti-Violence Education Network) to bring awareness to relationship “red flags.”

I organized and faciliated the project, and these pieces are used on MacEwan campus today.

Photo and editing credit to Milo Knauer.

My photo in the Halloween MAVEN photo series. (Danika MacDonald)
Halloween MAVEN Project

Similar to the “Red Flag Project,” I
coordinated this Halloween themed consent series to illustrate the dangers of lacking
consent in party settings.

I organized this shoot, found models, and
conducted the majority of editing.

While open during the day, MacEwan’s seating restrictions haunt the school.  (Cole Buhler)
‘More negative than positive’

“As COVID-19’s first anniversary approaches, Alberta University students embark on their third semester online. For MacEwan students and staff, the transition is a divisive issue.

“Provincial safety regulations require Alberta Universities to maintain online and distanced classes. To many students, the demands of online learning is too taxing; to others, the virtual university gives them the freedom to learn on their schedule.”

Southgate Mall, the location of one of many hate crimes. (Benjamin Hollihan)
Platitudes over protection

“In the fall, a Muslim woman was 
threatened on the LRT, and her complaint “laughed at” by the Edmonton Police Service. Another woman, 27, was thrown to the ground by someone who threatened to strip off her burka.

“Mayor Don Iveson denounced the attacks, but political platitudes do not change the reality for hundreds of Edmonton Muslims – that they are desperately unsafe.”

Artwork by 15-year-old Damon Ellis is on display and for sale at Block 1912. (Kai-Lee Worsley)
Hockey, gelato, and community: local talents release colouring book amid COVID pandemic

“Social media manager Kai-Lee Worsley, and 15-year-old artist Damon Ellis want to cure the disconnection blues with a feel-good colouring book called Little Bear’s Winter.

“The book grew out of a belief that community is vital to Whyte Avenue’s future success, says Worsley, who represents Little Bear Gelato and Whyte Avenue’s Block 1912 coffee shop.

“She wrote the story and recruited Edmonton teen Ellis to illustrate the book, which goes on sale in early December at Bountiful Market and online.”

A few of many tents found in Whyte’s homeless encampment. (Brendan Collinge)
Out in the Cold

“There’s no debate that Edmonton is life-threateningly cold for too long. Temperatures below -30° are an unfortunate reality between October and April. Our winter is arduous, but you can wait it out.

“Unless you have nowhere to live.

“Edmonton’s homeless population has few
options. This population, consisting of
primarily Indigenous people, are being forced to literally weather the elements on land that was stolen from them.”